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  • IPFM-Institute for Project and Finance Management has been working among various INGOs, UN Organisations, Governmenal Organisations and NGOs in results based project monitoring and evaluation of large scale programs. IT solutions for development is another core expertise developed over a decade with proven and consistent technical support to clients.
  • Web based applications have been demonstrated in the past with dedicated servers located in California. Consistant support and constant technical update are the track record of the company.
  • UNDP has retained IPFM in results based monitoring of ICTD projects in India and IPFM had proved how Results based management can help in effective delivery of programs and projects.
  • In order to implement FLAMINGO, it is crucial to first define the inputs (or resources available), activities, outputs and outcomes . A Logical Framework (logframe for short) helps us do that. A logframe is a matrix that summarises what a project intends to do and how, what the key assumptions are, and how outputs and outcomes will be monitored and evaluated.
  • Flamingo captures all information related to the project planning ( action plan, results plan, finance plan and monitoring plan ) and being updated with the actual realization and helps to automatically track the deviation, delays, performance, exceptions and all other critical aspects of a program.
  • It segments the overall project plan into annual and monthly plans. Scheduling the activities, results indicators, baseline information on each and every target, monitoring plan as to the tasks to be performed at each and every level are first mapped.
  • Online is the advantage to access the plans, schedules, control mechanisms, etc by executives, managers and field level team for planning, updating and monitoring. Whereas consolidated picture is available through dash board reports, abstracts and analysis to the top management team at country level and globally.
  • Flamingo is the first of its’ kind tool, developed to organize the various functions and tasks related to results based monitoring of programs and projects. Every aspect of project cycle management is being captured in a coherent manner, so that monitoring become easy and within the click of a mouse.
  • Monitoring Systems that can be adopted easily in all the contexts of development sector is the unique feature of this online monitoring organiser.
  • Monitoring framework - policies of large scale programs can also be digitalized with the solution on and above the program logical framework analysis.
  • Analyzing and abstracting information that are generated over the project period is the major advantage of monitoring organiser.
Monitoring Organiser
  • Flamingo monitoring organiser can be implemented without support of technical and sector experts. In case of any assistance IPFM team shall be approached to clear the technical nuances and logical idea used in the solution.
  • If needed, handholding of the implementation shall be organised depends on size of the program and complications of the LFA / RFW.
  • It is available in the cloud as well for in house server as applicable. Hosting on subscription model can save cost to be incurred on infrastructure and maintenance costs. Cost benefit analysis of Cloud versus In House Server is recommended.
  • IPFM has secured dedicated servers in California, USA with proven track record of hosting IT applications to the development community for more than 10 years. Select clients have done Information Security Audit by Delloitte to ensure their business continuity plans, that depends on information.
Results-Based Management (RBM) is an approach that puts together the management of strategies, resources, activities and information about performance, with a view to improve effectiveness, efficiency and accountability, and achieving results. RBM can be applied in planning, monitoring, evaluating and reporting on any type of programme or management initiative.
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