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  • Logical Framework / Results Framework captured for each and every project.
  • Action Plan for the project period is assigned in the software in line with the project proposal.
  • Budget plan breaking down into monthly financial allocations for the project period is assigned.
  • Results plan, the output result indicators and outcome result indicators are set with their qualitative statement and quantitative details.
  • Monthly action plan, scheduling of tasks and fixing staff responsibility, plan of working area and resource requirements can be planned every month using the solution.
  • As and when the plans are realised, it is updated in the software by various users across the program who have access to the web based solution in the form of exclusive username and password.
  • Monitoring system, that is readily available in the solution need to be set according to monitoring policies of the organisation. Also monitoring framework can be fit into the monitoring logframe utility.
  • Based on the data inputs from all the users, the software helps to track the progress, delays, deviation, excess, exception and all critical information that may be useful in implementing a program efficiently and effectively.
  • Monitoring organiser is being hosted in the the web for INGOs, NGOs, GOs and all other program implementing agencies on subscription basis.
Results-Based Management (RBM) is an approach that puts together the management of strategies, resources, activities and information about performance, with a view to improve effectiveness, efficiency and accountability, and achieving results. RBM can be applied in planning, monitoring, evaluating and reporting on any type of programme or management initiative.
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